The best gift


It happened in a Retreat of Emmaus, specifically it was a Saturday night in the spring of 2017, when my life took an unexpected change of course that allowed me to let go and feel liberated from the heavy weight that had held me paralyzed for more than 30 years. A weight made of reproaches, frustrations, abandonments, negativity and much, much inner aridity. 30 years that could have turned into a real nightmare if it was not because I have always been surrounded by wonderful people like my wife, whom I love with madness, and my two exceptional sons. But I was missing something essential…

The opportunity to participate in a ‘Emmaus Retreat’ was the best gift that one could hope to receive. A valuable gift that the Holy Spirit had prepared for me and with which I was surprised. A gift materialized in the form of an encounter with the real, true and present Christ. Feeling the Lord’s embrace and experiencing a profound healing through his divine mercy through reconciliation was magnificent.

Like the disciples of Emmaus, the truth was revealed to me: Jesus had always walked by my side, but my eyes were unable to recognize him. Not only did I not recognize him, but I rejected him, removing him from my life, and even so He absolved me. And like the prodigal son, the father welcomed me with a big hug and invited me to participate in his banquet.

At that moment and right there began a conversion path through a personal renewal. A long journey in the company of Jesus, abandoning me completely to his will and trusting fully in him. This path is not always easy and many times it is full of obstacles, but worth it!.

From that day I began to write everything that happened to me: notes, ideas, reflections, comments and also some experiences of this process, whether in a notebook, on a piece of paper, on the smartphone, the computer or wherever. But I always asked myself: What are all these writings for if I can not share them with other people? And this is how this project called ‘Quédate con nosotros’ (‘Stay with us’) was born, with the idea of unifying all these scattered ideas in one place, giving them body and sharing them with all of you, and being able, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to transmit this exciting process of conversion.

In any case, I would like to invite you to join me and participate in this journey of Faith, always respecting and tolerating all ideas, and perhaps some day, not too far away, we can all say to Him when we recognize Him: Stay with us!

Note: At the moment almost all entries are written only in Spanish. I apologize for this but I hope to be able to translate and publish them in English in the near future.


I hope you like it.

O Holy Spirit,
Love of the Father and the Son,
always inspire my thoughts,
what to say,
how to say it,
what i must silent,
how to act,
what i must do,
for God’s glory,
good of souls
and my own sanctification.
Holy Spirit,
give me sharpness to understand,
capacity to retain,
method and ability to learn,
subtlety to interpret,
grace and efficacy to talk.
Give me wisdom to begin,
direction in the progress
and perfection to the end.