Yes, I believe in miracles!

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Dear brother!

Thank you for your life testimony. I have really enjoyed listening to it and at the same time has moved me a lot. I have seen myself reflected in your words. What a great joy it gives me to know that I also belong to this great family of Emmaus.

Recently someone I know told me:

Man, at 55 years old, do you still believe in miracles?…
Of course I believe in miracles! Moreover, I have witnessed countless miracles— I answered him.

And it is that in each Emmaus Retreat and in each testimony of life and conversion that I listen I am witness of true miracles, I am witness of how God transforms the lives of so many people; I am a witness of how the lives of many of us have changed radically; I am a witness of how God always rewards us with a hundredfold; I am witness of exciting and deep conversions; I am a witness of reconciliations motivated by the infinite mercy of the Lord; I am witness of spectacular spiritual healings… and I could continue.

Brother How privileged are we to be witnesses of so much love!

As you say it is difficult to explain here what God has given to us, but in my case It’s clear. It was a first class ticket to get on the train with Him in perhaps my last train, my last chance… And I assure you that no one will take me off this train!

On this day I want to thank God for all the miracles he has done and continues to do daily in each one of us. I want to thank God for having each of you as my ‘new’ family, and of course, I also pray for you, brother in Christ, and for all the other brothers of this beloved family of Emmaus.

I embrace you.

foto: Alexandr Baranets

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